So what is Reiki anyway?

When you hear the term energy work what comes to mind? A dude walking around with some divining rods in hand, a lady in flowy clothes, crazy hair chanting and whirling, or maybe you see the doctor that removed the ‘Kundas’ from Ross’ backside in friends. Spoiler alert – it’s actually just regular people, that have mastered how to use the energy that is all around us, and direct for healing purposes.

Grand then – So what is Reiki? Reiki is healing system that comes from Japan. It started with a guy called Dr. Usui who was fascinated by the idea that anyone on a very spiritual path could eventually, gain the ability to bring about spontaneous healing. As he studied, and sought guidance from fellow religious scholars, he was inspired to go on a 3-week retreat. He spent 21 days on a mountain meditating and fasting. This led to him having a religious vision, which left him with the ability to transmit Reiki, and teach it to others. The story continues with him having experiences of healing himself, and an Inn Keepers daughter on the way home. He continued to live out the rest of his life healing, and teaching others how to channel Reiki.

Well, that’s all very interesting says you, but I still don’t know what Reiki is. In order to understand Reiki, we first need to understand the concept of energy. The term for energy is also known as Ki, Chi, Prana, or wait for this one – The Holy Spirit!! Quantum Physics teaches us that everything is made up of energy, rocks, grass, water, humans etc. As well as that it teaches us that everything vibrates at a different frequency – we can get a sense of this when we experience the heaviness of a rock, or the flowing nature of water. While the concept of flowing energy may still seem elusive to you, think of it in terms of electricity traveling to the bulb, or that point when 2 magnets are coming together, just before they touch. Now, can you get a sense of it?

Based on that, the human body is one big ball of energy. Through daily life, different parts of the body and mind, become out of balance, or blocked and energy stops flowing freely. Imagine a hose that has a kink in it, the water gets blocked right? So, if we use that same analogy towards our body, Reiki is what unkinks the hose, getting the energy to flow freely and supporting the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. While of course the experience is different for each person, everybody I have worked with has experienced a deep sense of relaxation.

A typical session lasts an hour and can be given in person or via distant healing. I’ve seen it work really well for people experiencing overwhelm, burnout, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, stress related conditions & menstrual health difficulties.

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