Personal Journey

Wellbeing practices, meditation

I was born the youngest 5 and spent most of my childhood growing up in County Kerry, Ireland. My family were quite transient and loved starting new adventures. There was a lot of immigrating back and forth to the states, where I lived for a few years on and off throughout adolescence.

I always found it really hard to settle and dropped out of school at 16. I returned to education at 19 and was blessed to have come in contact with some fantastic Youth Workers that guided and supported me, as I dipped in and out of different courses. Finally, I completed my degree as a single Mom in 2012.

My journey to personal development really started in 1999 when I met with my 1st counsellor. I’ve worked with many therapists & in many other types of healing modalities since, including Al – Anon Family Groups, Women’s Groups, Homeopaths, Acupuncturist, Energy Workers, etc.. The list could go on really.

It’s been a difficult journey at times, but I’ve always kept going knowing there was a dream life ahead of me, and now I’m living it. I have my dream business and get to help people feel better every day. I have a home that’s full of love and I get up in the morning happy to get on with my day.

I believe with the right support all of us are capable of living a life that’s purposeful & sparks joy.

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