Based in Kerry, however Reiki Healing can be sent anywhere through distance healing.

Ancient Japanese healing system that works by the healer being able to channel universal life force energy from their hands to the recipient.  The recipient usually lies down on a bed fully clothed for the session. Each session lasts for about 60 mins.  It is a very gentle yet powerful treatment. Everyone’s experience is different, but most people report a sense of calm and relaxation after a treatment. 

Individual session: €60 – free gift with each session

woman lying down with eyes closed as another woman stands over her providing reiki healing

Reiki is known to alleviate symptoms of

Further to that it is a complementary therapy, so it doesn’t interfere with medical treatment.  In fact, it can support it, as Reiki helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Healing Package



I recommend this for anyone that is going through a hard time and has a particular issue they would like to shift.  Each session focuses on a different ‘body’ within each person’s make up – Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body & Spiritual Body, therefore a block of sessions helps shift any blocks on a deep level in each area. This package is time specific; this will be explained in more detail when you’re ready to book.

What’s Included

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