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A 5,000-year-old health system from India, a sister science to yoga, and one of the world’s oldest holistic health systems.  Ayurveda believes that health and wellbeing depends on a delicate balance between the body, mind, and spirit.  Its main goal is to promote good health, however treatments are offered for specific health problems. 

Feminine form Ayurveda sparks a gentle knowingness in one’s body. Feminine form is working with what you have, it’s fluid, softer, & subtle. It will help you find balance without hard and fast rules, on your terms, starting where you are at. 

Working with the seasons and using the guiding forces of the elements around you, and in you, to bring you to a place of equilibrium. How?  Through movement, food, meditation, daily routines & practices.  Ayurveda offers you the opportunity to be the boss of your body and mind; supporting you to find simple self-care practices that you enjoy.

Through a comprehensive assessment we will discover what your unique mind/body type is (Dosha). We will work together to get to the root cause of your issue and devise a plan that will support you, over time, to make the changes you need to feel great.


ayurveda is known to alleviate symptoms of

Ayurveda packages

Package one

6-week combo : reiki & ayurveda

The combination of these 2 healing modalities together is powerful; Reiki bringing universal life force energy in, and Ayurveda learning how to cultivate high quality energy (prana) in your day to day.

This bespoke treatment combining these 2 powerful healing modalities together will move you to a place of awareness that will enable you to put new healthy daily habits in place with ease.

Includes : 4 x 90-minute sessions including comprehensive assessment identifying your imbalances and how to support them plus messaging support via WhatsApp/SMS

You will receive 

PRICE : €450


An in-depth comprehensive assessment and feedback over 2 sessions plus 6 Health Coaching Sessions.

You will learn

You will receive

PRICE : €700

package three

intro to ayurveda

Are you interested to learn more about Ayurveda but don’t want to commit to a coaching programme. Why not host an Intro to Ayurveda in your home.  Invite your besties and give yourself the opportunity to learn this beautiful wisdom together.

A session includes

You have a choice of the following deep dive topics


An Ayurveda dish & tea, free gifts & discounts for each participant, virtual invitation to send to your guests, special gift for the hostess.

Prices vary pending numbers and distance – get in touch to learn more

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