Workshops & Wellbeing Programmes

Do you have an existing group that you would like an external facilitator for?

Are you a community worker, workplace manager, women’s group leader, yoga teacher?

Do you have a group of friends you would like to get together with for something a bit more meaningful?

Apricity has a variety of programmes available and adaptable for a wide demographic.

Apricity’s group work programmes are built on experiential learning practices, inclusivity, & starting where each participant is at.  By intertwining theories of Personal Development, Mindfulness & Ayurveda each programme offers a little bit of personal magic for those that attend.

Custom designed programmes available on request.

Wellbeing programme

kind words

"I did a few sessions of distance reiki with Apricity Wellbeing with Sharon last year in the height of the pandemic.

I was skeptical at first how distance reiki worked but it was such an incredible experience. Sharon made me feel so at ease and provided me with some great insights. I felt so energized and motivated after each session and taking the time for myself was much needed.

I can't wait to get in to Sharon's new space for another session soon."
Apricity Wellbeing
steph collins
"Sharon instantly makes you feel at ease and relaxed with her warm and welcoming presence. She’s such a fabulous person, so genuine and sincere. Her knowledge in her field is second to none.

My experience receiving reiki was so beautiful and rewakening. I truly feel like it shifted something inside of me and has made me become more in tune with myself. Sharon is truly gifted.

I’d highly recommend Sharon to anyone wanting to experience reiki and meditation. Thank you again"
Apricity Wellbeing
Caragh Kelliher
"Such a wonderful experience recieving my Reiki Attunement from Sharon at Apricity.

It was calming and joyful from the beginning to the end. Sharon made me feel so comfortable and is easy going and down to earth.

Well worth a visit, I left feeling like a new woman with a new gift. Thank you!"
Apricity Wellbeing
Hollie O' Byrne

kind words

We really enjoyed Sharon from Apricity and her Well-Being Programme for our students.

The feedback from our learners was excellent and we would recommend her wellness programme for anyone working with teenagers.

Students were engaged and supported through the process and we plan to invite Sharon in again for her excellent workshops.
John Adams - Killarney YouthReach
Sharon is a breeze to work with each and every member of the Wellbeing group thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Safe to say a return is in the pipeline.
Mary Ellen Browne
Sharon is a pleasure to work with, She is a very kind, caring and respectful person and is excellent at what she does.
Rena Powel - Tralee Youthreach
Sharon worked with our group recently where she delivered a four week seasonal based meditation programme. This was a brilliant programme, well planned out and delivered. Sharon has a really compassionate and caring approach which our group responded well to.

She created a safe space for the group to sit, reflect, express and get in touch with themselves. The group really got a lot out of this programme.
Daniel O'Shea
For over 20 years I’ve been working designing and delivering group work programmes. It’s the 1 area of work that I have never gotten tired of. For me, the most special part always is seeing people learn from each other. I just create the space, put out the concept & watch the learning unfold, it’s wonderful really
Sharon Roche


A variety of different seasonal themed workshops delivered throughout the year. 
Ranging from Seasonal Self Care – The Basics of Ayurveda to Vision Boarding Workshops

wellbeing programmes


Each season of the year gives us an opportunity for personal growth.  When we align ourselves with the energy of nature for personal development, transformations occur with a sense of gentle ease.

We work through the topics in this order –
Autumn: Grounding & Stability
Winter: Compassion and Self-Care
Spring: Expansion and Growth
Summer: Vitality & Abundance

Each session offers meditation practices, reflection exercises, basic information on kitchen herbs, spices & body work practices that are supportive for each phase of the year.

This 4 Week Programme will set you up on your alignment journey for the rest of the year.

Total: 6 HOURS

Let Go & Dream

This is a true programme of transformation.  Ideal for anyone who is feeling a bit lost, stuck, or unclear about the future.  We explore the topics of values, relationships, happiness, & manifestation.  Simple Self-Care practices are gently weaved throughout the 4 weeks, enabling participants to be able to implement these practices at home. 

This 4 Week Programme will bring participants through a process of letting go and attraction which will result in feelings of clarity, self-confidence & self-determination.

Total: 12 HOURS

Rewind, relax, reflect

This programme teaches relaxation techniques that are suitable for all. Adapted for individual groups – includes a variety of techniques such as meditation, breathing practices, reflections, body scan exercises & mindfulness methods. 

1 Hour sessions – available individually or in blocks

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